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advena: (2-12 020)
CHARACTERS: kara danvers & you!
LOCATIONS: in the sky, on the ground, wherever.
SUMMARY: it's a bird, it's a plane — no, it's just supergirl!

she's got braids in her hair. )
dedikated: (113 | ɪ ʜᴀᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ʙᴀʙʏ)
CHARACTERS: Kate Galloway & maybe you who knows.
LOCATIONS: Good Vibrations / The Deviant / Sucker Punch
WARNINGS: Talk of death, too much drinking and a whole lot of sadness.
SUMMARY: October shenanigans, featuring a lot of trying to drink away the pain.

it ain't real if you don't believe it. )
recoined: (10)
CHARACTERS: kimberly hart & you!
LOCATIONS: all around the city!
WARNINGS: n/a (yet)
SUMMARY: spooky and sweet october shenanigans! open starters galore!

on the line where blue meets blue )
leaguer: (one hundred eighty eight.)
CHARACTERS: sara lance & other people.
LOCATIONS: dinah's, lucky lanes, the park, the women's building? cadelle.
WARNINGS: none yet, will warn if so.
SUMMARY: sara lance goes on many dates. also maybe teaches self-defense classes. stuff. things. closed starters in the comments, but for an open cr opportunity, please check out her open network post and maybe volunteer with her, or learn self-defense! feel free to also hmu at [ profile] frickin / canary#4628 and i'd be happy to write something up for us!

there was a mountain i had to claim as mine )
12th-Sep-2017 06:59 pm - no one man should have all that power
perro: (013)
CHARACTERS: rene ramirez y tú.
LOCATIONS: the ice castle, sucker punch, all over the city.
WARNINGS: none rn! will edit if that changes.
SUMMARY: OPEN catch-all log for rene ramirez for the month of august! come hang out with ya boi. closed starters in the comments, too. feel free to hmu at [ profile] frickin / canary#4628 to plot w/ me, get a closed starter of your very own, or honestly just go on with your bad self and write something spontaneous to start us off!

the clock's ticking, i just count the hours )
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